Wednesday, 3 October 2012

If you give a moose a muffin Madder Hatter style

I was sitting in my room calmly doing productive things such as checking emails when I decided I wanted a dessert.  I remembered that I had a lemon cheesecake cup waiting for me, but I had no spoon.

Spoon on a plate

I went downstairs to the kitchen to get a spoon and I saw the kettle.  That reminded me that I was cold in my room and should heat some water for a hot water bottle.

While the water was heating I remembered that I should transfer tomorrow's lunch into containers that could be microwaved.

When I opened the refrigerator I realized that I wanted something salty first.  So I ate some bread and hummus.

Eating the bread reminded me that I had accidentally bought two loaves of bread and I needed to freeze one.

Putting the bread in the freezer reminded me that I was cold and I needed the hot water bottle, but it was upstairs.

Going upstairs I found my hot water bottle next to the piles of laundry and remembered I needed to put in a load of clothes.

Thinking about clothes reminded me that I needed to pick out something to wear for work tomorrow.  Which made me think about how cold it was going to be.

Thinking about the cold reminded me that I wanted my hot water bottle.

Going back down to the kitchen with the hot water bottle I thought I should be rewarded for being productive with something sweet.

Then I remembered that all I'd really wanted was a spoon.

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