Sunday, 12 May 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Dear Mom,

It is now officially Mother's Day in the US and therefore it is time for me to wish you a second and more official Happy Mother's Day.

If you were here I would take you for a walk to see all the lovely flowers that are out for spring.  Spring in the UK is truly beautiful.  This is not just because we are just way too excited to see the sun again. 

Seeing as you are still not here however, I will simply have to make do with sending you a few pictures of flowers.  So, here you have it, some flowers from a stroll around the UK.

These lovely pink flowers were blowing gently in a brisk Leeds wind.
Pink flowers in front of the Leeds Minster
I found them quite pretty.
Pink flowers in front of the Leeds Minster
Then I went for a stroll along the river in the adorable little town of Walton-on-Thames.  Spring had arrived there too and graced a lovely old Medieval House.
Medieval house surrounded by white blossoms in Walton-on-Thames
Spring here really is lovely.
Sundial in a garden surrounded by spring flowers in Walton-on-Thames
I hope that you are enjoying this fine spring day and there are loads of pretty flowers for you.  Happy Mother's Day Mom.

I love you.


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