Wednesday, 17 February 2016

On the Beauty of Showers

Sometimes a person just needs a shower.  Maybe you need a nice long shower because your family can get on your nerves but they can't follow you in the shower.  Or maybe it's because warm water just makes everything better.  Or maybe it's really just that you feel antsy because you really desperately need to feel clean.

Whatever, the reason, sometimes you just need a shower.  It refreshes you, cleans you and somehow freshens your mind and attitude.  Sometimes, after a long day of gardening, being slobbered on by dogs and arguing with your family you just need to hop in the shower and clean yourself off and start all over.

It's remarkable how many ailments can be cured by a shower.

  • Headaches - cured
  • That crawly feeling you get if you saw a spider too close to you but can't see it anymore - cured
  • Dry eyes- cured
  • The feeling of being encased in slime after a particularly slobbery dog kiss - cured
  • Dry cough - cured (well at least temporarily) 
  • The "my hands will never be the same again" because I've been gardening all day feeling - cured
  • If you have a cold and your head is stuffed up - temporary cure
  • The "ugh I'm disgusting I can't go anywhere" feeling induced by dirt and dirty hair - cured
  • Exhaustion - cured (at least long enough to make and consume dinner before slowly melting into bed)
  • "I just got a haircut" itchiness - cured
  • Early morning "I hate the world because it's too early" syndrome - almost cured (and that's saying something)
  • Exercising is the worst thing ever I'll never do it again feeling - cured (again impressive)
  • The sand and salt from my beach trip is weighing me down feeling - cured
  • Feeling too cold - cured
  • Muscle soreness - cured
  • The feeling of being encrusted with a sparkly skin disease a.k.a. glitter - cured
  • The "I'm too old for this ****" feeling - cured

Ok, so they aren't really a list of ailments.  But look at how many feelings that masquerade as ailments can be cured by a simple shower.  Really, showers might be the best. 

Ok, lauding of showers complete.  I'm going to go take one and cure my malaise.  

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