Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Importance of Art

Purple flower found in a Geneva garden
Purple flower as found in one of Geneva's parks two Easters ago.

Art, true art, is possibly the most important thing in the world.  Cicero once defended it in a lengthy speech and while I am not a huge fan of Cicero I have to agree with him that art is important.  You see, I believe that no matter how bad things get, no matter how sad you are, no matter how hard it is to carry on carrying on, if you listen to a beautiful song, look at a beautiful picture and read a beautiful story a little piece of your soul will be restored.

I myself have been having a rough time the last few weeks and I have decided to combat this with art.  I go through pinterest and pin all the pretty things I find.  I marvel at nature and absorb the splendid colours and get lost in the beauty of places I long to visit.  It reminds me that there is more to see in this world and it inspires me to start planning to see it.

Looking at things like this calms me down.   And doesn't this just feel all peaceful?

Cozy cottage window view of the Yorkshire Dales

Then I listen to some beautiful songs.  Some of them have no words, they just are.  They perfectly express how I feel and sometimes they bring tears to my eyes that I have been suppressing for too long.  Some of these songs have words and it reminds me that I am not alone.  Other people have felt my pain.  It makes me feel connected to the human race again, and just the smallest bit more alive.  Sadness is also part of life.

Bench with a sprig of white flowers growing across it in Leeds

Then I read a beautiful story.  And like all good stories it transports me out of my world for just a moment.  It makes me feel different things and think about different problems.  It makes me curious about what comes next and it reminds that there is hope.  Even the saddest stories can have a good ending.  Life is not static.  Whatever it is that is bothering you now and dragging you down cannot last forever.  It too will pass.  Hold on for that brighter future.

Bee on poppies in the Yorkshire Dales

Life without art would truly be a sad place.  For how else are we meant to express those inexpressible things, those deep inner feelings and thoughts, those terribly important and weighty truths of life?  Without art in the world I think I would be truly lost.

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